“The Office” Episode Review: Roy’s Wedding

Grade: B-

“I’m sorry, is the assignment to pick a selfish charity?”- Angela

After last week’s rather solid episode, I was hoping that “Roy’s Wedding” would live up to the standard it set. While it wasn’t as exceptional as the premiere, it certainly did a nice job continuing the story arcs that were established in “New Guys.”

The cold opening had Pam developing an innovative plan to make up for the absence of the building’s custodian. Her solution? The chore wheel. I personally thought it was a great idea, but naturally all of the employees were griping about it. It wasn’t until Pam turned it into a carnival-like wheel with prizes that she was able to raise their enthusiasm. It was a bit ridiculous that they were only excited about the chores when they were on a tiny wheel, but at least Pam’s method worked.

The main storyline began when Jim and Pam made the awkward decision to attend the 8 a.m. wedding of Pam’s ex-fiance’, Roy. When Roy performed a song on the piano for his new wife, Pam found that there were some things about Roy (such as that particular talent) that she had never known about.

For an episode being titled “Roy’s Wedding,” the couple didn’t spend much time there. I was hoping that whatever issues/drama would arise from the event would take place there rather than back at the office.

After that, Jim and Pam came to realize that there wasn’t a thing that they didn’t know about one another and it started to make them concerned.  Angela and Oscar proceeded to have the two play an “oldlyweds” game to see if that was true and Toby was able to describe Pam’s favorite things in his usual creepy manner. It was a great flashback to early seasons.

The fact that Pam is now suspicious of Jim’s secretive behavior (regarding his business) makes me think that she will be led to believe he is having an affair. As much as I like Jim and Pam storylines, I hope this doesn’t become the center focus of every episode this season!

Meanwhile, Nellie and Dwight were engaging in some sort of odd competition/confrontation regarding the Taliban and Nellie’s charity donation requirement with “Operation Give Back.” I had a hard time understanding what exactly was going on between these two and think this storyline should’ve been replaced with another.

Finally, Dwight Jr. concocted a scheme to get Erin to his house alone by convincing her that opportunities would open up for her if she made an audition video to become a newscaster. Luckily Pete stepped in and Andy also helped to prevent anything from happening (though he wasn’t aware of the original intentions). This was a rather bizarre plot, but I didn’t hate it.

*Other notable moments:

-Phyllis and Bob Vance making out during Roy’s wedding, and Jim & Pam’s reaction to it.

-Angela saying that she and the senator still have mystery in their relationship and Oscar choking on his coffee as a result.

-Darryl being made the new Assistant Regional Manager

-Jim referring to Pam as “Beesly” just like he did in their early relationships days.

Overall, while I did not enjoy this episode as much as the premiere, I still found it more entertaining than a large part of season 8.


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