“Modern Family” Episode Review: Schooled

Grade: A+

“Haley going to college is a miracle. Lilly going to kindergarten is the law”-Claire

If there’s one episode of “Modern Family” so far this season that encompassed truly captivating storylines, this was it.

Haley’s family was preparing to send her off to college for the first time and her parents were already anticipating it to be emotional. When Claire and Phil were helping her move in to her dorm room, I expected them to embarrass her somehow, but certainly not to the degree that it actually occurred. Phil was wearing a “Haley Dunphy Moving Company” t-shirt and while it was certainly dorky, Haley overreacted to it in my opinion. Things actually did take a [hilarious] turn for the worse, however, when Phil unknowingly groped Haley’s new roommate from behind, thinking it was his wife.

Just when the situation couldn’t be more awkward, Claire accidently knocked over a box, causing all of the condoms she had bought Haley to spill onto the floor (in front of the new roommate and her father). Uncomfortable situations are generally the key to comedy, and this certainly emphasized that. I was greatly disappointed, though not all that surprised, that Haley insisted she no longer needed her parents help after the incident and wanted them to leave. At least she gave them a call that night, which I feel was her subtle way of apologizing.

While Haley was heading off to college, Lilly was beginning her first day of kindergarten. Cam and Mitchell were also a bit emotional, especially when they caught a little boy pulling on Lilly’s hair only minutes after she said good-bye. The result of this incident turned into a fantastic storyline with dozens of one-liners. Cam and Mitchell met the parents of the little boy, who happened to be a lesbian couple. Their explanation of the differences between gay and lesbian was incredibly entertaining, and those differences certainly showed the more time the couples spent together. Cam delivered a number of sassy remarks, and one of my favorite lines was, “You’re not being very helpful, Peppermint Patty.”

The final storyline focused on Jay and Gloria at parenting class per Manny’s request that they attend. Since they are both obviously experienced at the subject, the two were making jokes the entire session. The other parents were not entertained, but I found it to be amusing, especially when Jay made a comment about there being a mix-up at the hospital when they were handed an African American baby doll. This plot didn’t receive as much focus as the other two, but it was still just as strong.

Other notable moments:

-Phil’s reaction to finding out Claire bought Haley condoms and saying “Why don’t you just buy her some fishnet stockings and a nurse’s outfit?”

-Cam’s concern about the violence on the playground when he said, “Is this kindergarten or the Hunger Games?”

-Haley having to use My Little Pony sheets at college because of a mix-up with a mail order.

-Haley reading her dad’s book “Phil’s-osophy” at the end and laughing at the useless advice.

Overall, an episode with fantastic quotes and awkward situations that I would recommend checking out for yourself!


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