“Modern Family” Episode Review: The Butler’s Escape

Grade: C+

“Yeah, something’s bothering me too, but I think it’s going to be rich so we better be nice to it”- Claire

“Modern Family” has had a pretty strong start to its season, but this week’s episode certainly did not meet my expectations.

Gloria was dealing with a serious snoring issue at night, forcing Manny, Jay, and even the dog Stella to seek other places to sleep downstairs. Manny was honest enough to let his mom know (and bought her some breathing strips to help) but Jay was too cowardly to do so.

Gloria’s snoring was so bad, it drove Jay to try and spend the night in a hotel. He was originally there for a conference which ended up getting cancelled and Jay planned to keep it a secret just to get a good night’s rest. Manny found out about it and told his mother, which led to her confronting Jay and the couple eventually worked through the disagreement. This story was rather uneventful in my opinion, and often failed to make me laugh.

In another plot, Cam began his first day as the new music teacher at Luke and Manny’s school. He was so excited about the position that he had practiced a bow the night before (expecting applause) and wore a treble clef sweater to the classroom. Being in middle school, his students appeared to be rather annoyed at his enthusiasm and musical puns though, making him disappointed.

At the same time, Mitchell was taking over all of Cam’s usual duties for the day, including looking after Lilly.  It was rather amusing to watch him struggle, especially when Cam warned him about all of the things that could go wrong….after they actually happened. Claire also ended up making the couple dinner that night, with Mitchell shamelessly pretending he did all of the work.

Finally, Phil was insisting that Luke continue to practice magic, simply because of his own strong interest in it. There wasn’t much substance to this storyline and simply involved Luke attempting successful magic tricks and Phil persuading him to not give up due to his talent. I felt that there wasn’t much that could have been done for the storyline in the first place and probably should have been replaced by one with a quicker pace.

I would have to say that this episode was rather weak overall and needed storylines with more physical humor and comedic one-liners.


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