“Suburgatory” Episode Review: Homecoming

Grade: C+

“To me, you’ll always be a housekeeper”- Dahlia

Suburgatory finally returned after a rather long hiatus with an episode that regrettably was not much better than the season finale.

After spending the summer in Manhattan with her maternal grandmother, Tessa suddenly developed a strong interest in her mother and her past. She discovered her mother had been a musician and Tessa wanted to follow in her footsteps by playing guitar and singing in the Chatswin talent show. During that time, I thought she was being a little too cold to her dad (and obsessed with her estranged mother) considering she hadn’t seen him for months. I found the storyline to be rather dry overall, but I did enjoy the fact that the song Tessa performed was an extended version of the show’s theme song.

Meanwhile, Dallas’s housekeeper Carmen was being offered to work for Noah instead, causing the two to fight for her services. They even reached a point where they were going to let a game of rock- paper-scissors determine it. While this storyline also left me generally unsatisfied, I did appreciate the scene where Dahlia was trying to give some kind words to Carmen but was simultaneously insulting her.

The last part of the episode centered around the Shay family, who was preparing for the talent show, as well. Lisa had begun to blackmail her parents after revealing that she knew her brother had been adopted. This led to Lisa insisting she receive the spotlight in their dance performance as cats. There appeared to be no real conclusion to this plot, which greatly irked me. The Shay family was last seen setting the shed (which held all of their secrets) on fire, which only left more questions than answers.

Overall, this was not the sort of quality episode I was hoping for as a season premiere.


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