“The Office” Episode Review: Work Bus

Grade: B +

“So when pies are involved, you can suddenly do math?”-Angela

This week’s ‘Office’ episode may have been a bit over-the-top at times, but chaos has always produced some of the most hilarious results on the show.

The cold opening had Andy calling a meeting in the conference room just to play a video he had made of the company’s softball season fails. Much like the lack of enthusiastic response from the employees, I too was underwhelmed.

I think one of the reasons I enjoyed much of the episode was the fact that the storylines were essentially intertwined in their location outside of Dunder-Mifflin, and all of the characters were forced to interact.

When it became apparent that the wiring in the building was potentially dangerous, Jim developed a plan to convince Dwight of the electric magnetic field in the room in order to receive a week off of work (particularly for Pam). He popped a microwave bag of popcorn for only a few seconds and placed it under Dwight’s desk to illustrate the dangers, which actually fooled him. I have always been a massive fan of Jim’s pranks, and while this wasn’t all that elaborate, it still made me chuckle.

The result was Dwight’s decision to move all of the employees onto a “work bus” to continue rather than giving them a week’s vacation. The crammed environment, though a bit unrealistic, was still amusing to watch, especially since people like Angela appeared incredibly uncomfortable and bitter about the situation. A favorite scene of mine was when a hitchhiker attempted to snag a ride on the bus, and that person turned out to be Creed.

Throughout the episode, Jim was doing everything he could to be especially sweet to Pam after he neglected to tell her right away about his new job in Philadelphia. Early in the episode she had mentioned her craving for pie, and Jim eventually insisted that the work bus take a trip to go get it. Dwight was not thrilled with the idea and when everyone else suddenly wanted to get pie, he admitted he was tired of Jim telling him what to do. The chat the two eventually had was a pleasure to watch, simply because I have always appreciated the dynamic between those characters. I was glad that Dwight admitted to Jim that he was upset by not being the father of Angela’s baby and later asked the nosey question, “how long did it take you and Pam to conceive?”

The other storyline of the episode focused on Nellie filling out papers in the hopes to adopt a baby. Erin was gladly helping her, but Andy rudely resisted until the very end. The thought of her being a mother is quite frightening, but I found it a nice change to watch the interaction between her and Erin.

At the end of the episode, all of the employees finally got their pie and Pam and Jim had a sweet moment when she showed her appreciation for his actions.

Overall, I would say this was an episode with a good mix of hectic situations and pleasant character interaction.


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