“Parks and Rec” Episode Review: Sex Education

Grade: A

“Great news! Lots of old people have chlamydia!” – Leslie

Much like “The Office,” episodes of “Parks and Rec” tend to thrive on awkward situations and bizarre scenarios, with this week being no exception.

Due to a recent outbreak of STD’s among Pawnee’s senior citizens, Leslie decided to hold a seminar on sex education for the elderly.  Naturally the situation itself was incredibly uncomfortable, but hearing all of the inappropriate comments from the seniors on the issue made it extremely comical. One example of this was one woman who openly declared, “I have two partners, often at the same time.” Andy’s body twitching as a reaction to all of the seniors’ sex stories was truly priceless.

Despite Leslie’s efforts, one Pawnee couple (Marsha and Marshall) pointed out that the government was only allowed to promote abstinence and tried to endorse the slogan “it’s great to wait.” This motto was absolutely ridiculous given the fact that these were seniors and,  like Leslie said, “They’ve got nothing to lose because they’re close to death.” As awkward as the situation was, I was happy that Leslie stuck to her beliefs as a politician, ignored the couple, and decided to hand out condoms to the seniors anyway.

Meanwhile, Tom was suspended in court from using any sort of electronic device after he had been in multiple road accidents while tweeting.  Ron decided to take him out to his cabin in the woods in order to distract him from the punishment. Tom spent the entire time rambling on to Ron about all Internet-related matters to the point where I personally would have knocked him out just to silence him. Tom is a character who sadly reflects much of society’s behavior, but that doesn’t make him any less annoying. I was rather irritated when Tom sneaked away to buy a phone for himself at Best Buy and ended up crashing Ron’s car, but I was pleased when Ron handed him the car manual to repair the vehicle.

Finally, April and Ben must have been rather bored at work, because both were convinced that the congressman they were working for was some sort of Android due to his bizarre behavior and unfitting emotional reactions. By the end of the episode, it had become an inside joke between the two of them. I felt that this storyline was obviously not very deep or engaging, but it still provided some humor.

Overall, this episode of “Parks and Rec,” packed with hilarious jokes and one-liners, is one that I would definitely recommend watching.


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