‘Office’ Throwback Thursday: “The Dundies”

With the final season of “The Office” unfolding as we speak, I thought it might be nice to take a look back every Thursday at some of my personal favorite episodes of the series and the moments that made them so special.

This week’s spotlight: “The Dundies”

What better way to kick-off the second season than Michael hosting his very own awards show?

“The Dundies” was an episode that gave the audience a glimpse of the Dunder-Mifflin employees outside of the office and how they interact with one another.

Michael may have been the same crazy boss outside of work, but the rest of the poor folks eating at Chili’s had to suffer at the expense of his childish mannerisms too.

I guess one could argue that he only had good intentions to recognize his employees for all of their hard work, but things often went awry.

What made the episode such a classic comes down to that evening’s many unexpected surprises.

My top 5 favorite moments:

1. A very drunk Pam. I don’t think I can narrow this down to one particular moment, but Pam’s behavior in this episode was so out of character for her that it never fails to be hysterical to watch.

2. Everyone getting kicked out of Chili’s. When drunk Pam falls to the ground accidently from laughing, Dwight proceeds to remove his shirt in order to help her. Their crazy behavior caused the manager to ask the entire Dunder-Mifflin team to leave (and never return) to the restaurant.

3. Michael’s character ‘Ping.’ It’s so incredibly racist and inappropriate, but what makes this bit so funny is the group of Asian women in the restaurant who don’t find it so amusing.

4. Ryan’s “hottest in the office” award. Michael isn’t shy about his feelings when giving it to him either, and slaps Ryan on the butt as he walks away with the Dundie.

5. Pam kissing Jim. She was probably so wasted that she never remembered it, but I have no doubt that Jim certainly did.

What did you love about “The Dundies?”


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