“Suburgatory” episode review: The Witch of East Chatswin

Grade: A-

“Life is brutal behind the flannel curtain”-Noah

Following the pattern of the other ABC shows, “Suburgatory” returned this week with a Halloween episode that was certainly an overall improvement from the season premiere.

Tessa found herself being mysteriously followed by a shadowed figure after trying to explain to Dahlia and her crew in the bathroom about why they shouldn’t degrade themselves with revealing costumes. Shortly after, a mysterious book appeared in Tessa’s bag that she had never seen before. Shelia explained that it was from the witch of East Chatswin, a former classmate that was certainly not the stereotypical Chatswin girl. It was amusing when Shelia said that this “witch” tried to break free of traditional gender roles by doing things like taking woodshop and refusing to play with dolls.

Later Tessa decided to go to the witch’s house to prove that she was not afraid of her. While there, the sight of her and group around a creepy cauldron caused Tessa to run back to the school to seek refuge but she still came into contact with her there. The scene in which she became aware that the witch, Paula, was actually a 45-year-old feminist who had simply heard Tessa’s discussion with Dahlia and her friends and admired her honesty, was my favorite. I will admit that Paula was indeed a bit frightening to look at, even if she did mean no harm.

Noah decided to celebrate Halloween this year by dressing in costume as George. While he certainly looked the part, his impressions were far from accurate. It was quite humorous when George decided to join in on the fun by shaving his beard and dressing as Noah. It was odd to see the two with completely different appearances and behavior, but that’s what made it so comical.

Finally, Dallas chose to dress up as Barbie, but wanted George to go as her Ken. He didn’t quite understand her hint until ironically Dahlia explained to him her mom’s intentions.  George admitted that he’d like to go on a date with Dallas, and I am quite curious now to see how this plays out on the show!

*Other notable moments:

-Tessa’s name being written in red on the bathroom mirrors

-Lisa’s Velma costume, Tessa as Daphne, and Malik & Ryan both dressed as Fred at the school dance

-Shelia Shay’s chaperoning the school dance and saying, “Ladies, they will not buy the cow. I’m talking to you, Pocahontas.”

-Paula’s creepy comment of “Tessa, join us.”

Overall, I would say this was a very entertaining episode of “Suburgatory” with many unique, Halloween storylines.


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