“Parks and Rec” episode review: Halloween Surprise

Grade: A

“I just want to hear the doctor say that Jerry had a fart-attack. Is that so much to ask?”-Tom

This was the first Halloween episode of “Parks and Rec” that I have seen on its first-airing, and while there wasn’t as much focus on the holiday as I expected, the engaging storylines and unexpected surprise at the end made it unforgettable.

Ron and Andy offered to join Diane to help take her two daughters trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. Andy’s enthusiasm and Ron’s indifference towards the experience was hysterical. When Diane had to suddenly leave and the two men offered to stay with the kids, I knew that Ron would become extremely uncomfortable. He’s so unfamiliar with children that I couldn’t help but laugh when he thought the best way to solve the problem of one of the girl’s broken tiara was to break the other and make things even. The rather unconcerned look on Ron’s face when they started bawling was quite humorous.  I did feel sympathetic toward him, however, when Diane was going to end their relationship due to her reasonable desire to put her daughters first.  At least he was able to convince her to give him another chance, and it’s nice to see Ron in a healthy relationship.

Back at city hall, employees were celebrating Halloween by watching a scary movie about a haunted canoe, with Donna live-tweeting about it the entire time.  Her obsession reminded me so much of Tom and was entertaining once again only because of its pitiful reflection of society.

During the movie, Leslie and Anne decided they would attempt to scare Tom as he came out of the bathroom, but the victim of their antics turned out to be Jerry.  He was so startled by it that he began to suffer from what sounded more like a gas-attack at first than a heart-attack and I was rather embarrassed for him in that situation. At least Anne and Leslie decided to have a rummage sale and auction to help Jerry pay for his medical expenses. The scene in which Leslie suddenly offered a date with Anne to potential bidders was one of my favorites, particularly when a rather creepy guy almost won.

The final storyline revolved around Leslie and Ben, who were beginning to deal with the problems of a long-distance relationship. Ben had finished working on the campaign and he and Leslie had just signed the lease for a house together, but things suddenly changed when he was offered the chance to work on yet another campaign in Florida. I was expecting the worst when Leslie had to back out of the lease,  so seeing Ben walk in out of nowhere and get down on one knee had me stunned! It was such an adorable proposal, especially the fact that Leslie said “I need you to give me a second” just to take in the moment. I am so excited for the couple and look forward to their wedding!

Overall, while I was a bit disappointed at the short amount of time spent on Halloween, this is certainly an episode of “Parks and Rec” that I won’t forget!



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