“The Office” episode review: Here Comes Treble

Grade: B-

“It’s Halloween….that is really, really good timing”- Creed

As The Office’s final Halloween special, I was hoping to be completely amazed, but this wasn’t the case. I do think, however, that this was certainly an entertaining episode, even if it wasn’t as fantastic as I would have liked it to be.

For the annual office Halloween party, current members of Andy’s old a capella group from Cornell came to perform. He was so caught up in “the old days” and considered himself to be a legend that he got incredibly furious when the new guys hardly knew anything about him. He also ended up making a fool of himself, particularly in the scene where he mentioned that in college he had sex with a snowman. Storylines that involve Andy and anything musical have never been my favorite, but this week’s was bearable.

Meanwhile, Jim and Pam were continuing to deal with the stress involving Jim’s new business. Pam was still bitter about him not telling her right away, but they had come to an agreement regarding investment in the company. The two of them had decided on a range of money to invest if necessary, but Jim told his partners that he would invest the full amount, even though they didn’t request him to. When Pam found out, she was less than amused. The two proceeded to get into an argument, which took place in front of the entire office. The fact that Pam was angrily trying to make her point while Here Comes Treble was singing to her was just perfect.

The third storyline focused on Dwight’s mission to determine which employee was taking anxiety medication after he discovered a pill in the office. Nellie decided to help him out simply because she was afraid to admit it was her. Much like the time Dwight found marijuana on company property, he took great pleasure in trying to interrogate some of the workers, which was amusing to watch. I was quite surprised when Nellie agreed to get Dwight some of the same medication to help him deal with his own stress.

Other notable moments:

*Dwight getting his head stuck in a pumpkin and hoping it would rot off

*Meredith hitting on the college boys in “Here comes Treble”

*Toby no longer being attracted to Nellie after she took off her Toby wig

*Dwight capturing Meredith in a net causing her to yell, “Stop bagging my head!”

*Kevin not realizing that Jim and Pam’s argument about the song Monster Mash was just a cover-up for the real issue.

*Oscar getting caught kissing the senator

Overall, while this Halloween episode may not have been as remarkable as those of early seasons, I feel that it was still memorable.


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