‘Office’ Throwback Thursday: “Dinner Party”

Episodes that take place out of the office have always made me nervous, but “Dinner Party” proved that if done right, the results can be hilarious.

In my opinion, one of the strongest points of this episode was the spotlight on all of the office romances and just how different they really were. Watching some of the couples become incredibly uncomfortable at the lifestyles of their co-workers was quite entertaining.

With that said, viewers were also able to develop a better understanding of Michael’s home life, including his bizarre relationship with Jan. Based off of the reactions of his guests during the party, they were just as unaware of what he had been dealing with on a daily basis as we were.

My top 5 favorite moments:

1) Jan’s jealousy. For some odd reason, she was convinced that Michael and Pam had once been romantically involved, making Pam incredibly paranoid that Jan was out to get her.

2) Dwight inviting himself. Jan refused to let him come, so Michael told him it was because it was a dinner party for couples and there weren’t enough wine glasses. Dwight’s solution? Show up to the condo anyway with wine glasses in hand and his former babysitter as a date.

3) Charades. For someone who enjoyed improv so much, Michael sure was horrible at the game, particularly when he tried to rhyme words with Arnold Schwarzenneger. Naturally Jim found it amusing to pretend not to understand his clues and make him frustrated.

4) Hunter’s song, “That One Night.” Watching the character’s reactions as they listened to the CD of Jan’s former assistant was priceless and to this day I still find myself occasionally humming this rather catchy tune.

5) Jan and Michael’s awkward arguments. It was bad enough that the two couldn’t keep from bickering throughout the party, but many of the topics, like Michael’s vasectomy and Jan jokingly being the devil, were enough to make anyone squirm.

What was your favorite moment of “Dinner Party?”


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