“Modern Family” episode review: Yard Sale

Grade: B+

“Oh honey, I kissed a lot of girls when wanted to be straight.”- Mitchell

I can honestly say from experience that yard sales can certainly be stressful, and I feel that this week’s episode captured that through a number of unique storylines.

Manny and Luke helped organize the sale so that the profits would benefit UNICEF as part of a competition at school.

Cam’s contribution was what he called his “big jeans” because he had insisted that he wouldn’t need them again after his weight loss.  Although Mitchell wanted to be supportive, past experience taught him that it was best to hold onto the jeans for future use to save money if he should gain the weight back. Jay suggested that he hide the jeans in the car, but when Cam found them, Mitchell resorted to shoving them in a bush. I thought it was amusing that he was so determined to save the jeans but was afraid to talk to Cam about it until he was actually confronted by his partner.

After a potential buyer had expressed interest in Jay’s Harley for a cheap price, he had moved it out of the way so that it wouldn’t attract attention. Phil, who pretended to be interested in it, was encouraged by both Jay and his wife to take it out for a test spin. Of course once he figured out that he could handle riding it, he suddenly got the attitude that he was tough and cool, which is rather hilarious given Phil’s personality type. He was actually quite successful on the bike until his failure to make it stop properly left him pinned under the bike on the ground. Though not surprising, he was being rather overdramatic about the situation, which is usually pretty entertaining to watch.

Also during the yard sale, Luke and Manny came in contact with a box that belonged to Gloria and she refused to let them see what was inside. When they opened it against her will, their discovery was a ventriloquist’s dummy that looked like a grumpy old man. Gloria explained that she had used it in a pageant when she was 18 in order to make herself stand out from the other contestants.. While I thought this was a bit unrealistic for her character, the fact that Claire was so amused by it, particularly when she yelled “Oh my God! She married her puppet!” was priceless.

Finally, Claire was trying to figure out how to tell Alex that she thought her boyfriend was gay. Despite his behavior, Alex appeared to be convinced that he was heterosexual. The scene where Cam and Mitchell tried to tell her that he was, indeed, gay was my favorite, particularly because Alex refused to listen to them despite their obvious background on the subject. It was also entertaining to watch her flat-out ask her boyfriend if he was gay, with him responding “no” in a rather offended and emotional manner.

Other notable moments:

-Luke showing Haley via Skype what items of hers were being sold at the sale and having her demand, “Move slow, I’m still drunk” and adding “ing my coffee” when Claire came around.

-Phil refusing to sell his rather ridiculous exercise contraption that looked like a deformed bicycle

-Jay exclaiming “God, I hate yard sales” after getting overwhelmed by all that had been going on.

Overall, I would rate this as a very solid episode that is certainly worth watching!


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