“Suburgatory” episode review: Ryan’s Song

Grade: C+

“I’m only attracted to you because you’re holding a baby”-Tessa

After last week’s impressive episode, I was rather dissatisfied with the mediocre one that followed this Wednesday.

Dallas was preparing for her first date with George and definitely appeared to have different expectations than him, as he was only hoping for a simple dinner and a walk. Instead, she decided to make a flashy entrance when he came to pick her up, complete with outrageous outfits and the song “Cherry Pie” playing in the background. Things got even more awkward when Dallas brought her Life Coach along on the date who felt the need to interject his opinion/advice at nearly every moment. I thought that this was a bit of an inane storyline and was a little ridiculous. I did, however, enjoy the ending when George said he liked it better when Dallas wasn’t trying so hard and the moment just felt real.

Meanwhile, Tessa was busy babysitting Noah’s son while he went out to the opera with Carmen, the nanny. Tessa was fine handling the baby, though she did get quite frightened when all of the lights in the house went out. She was fortunate enough to receive unexpected help from Ryan Shay, who actually went to the house tell her that he was convinced he was dying. It turned out that he was able to calm the baby during his visit and he ended up getting an appreciative kiss from Tessa, which was a sweet moment (that is, until Ryan pointed out that she hadn’t stuck her tongue in his mouth).

Ryan’s actions were prompted by Lisa’s behavior towards him, particularly the fact that she suddenly treated him kindly. It started off as a simple gesture like letting him pick his game piece during the family game night and went as far as offering Ryan her own room. There wasn’t much depth to this storyline other than the fact that his talk with Lisa caused him to realize his feelings for Tessa, and I wish more could have been done with it.

Overall, this week’s episode of “Suburgatory” was rather dull in my opinion despite the blossoming of two new romances.


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