‘Office’ Throwback Thursday: Booze Cruise

Season 2, Episode 11

Originally aired: January 5, 2006

I have already discussed the risks involved with episodes that take place on-location, but “Booze Cruise” was just more evidence that the setting of a storyline won’t matter if the good writing is there in the first place. Besides, all of Michael’s trips were quite memorable, no matter how ridiculous they seemed at the time.

Michael had intended for this to have some sort of work-related tie to it, but as always, the cruise turned into nothing more than a social event.

One of the things in my opinion that made the episode so strong was the healthy balance between drama and comedy. Unlike some of the newer seasons, realism was key here. As an audience, we were able to watch Michael make a fool out of himself while also getting to see more of the Jim and Pam storyline unfold. Nothing was too slapstick or silly and therefore kept it from feeling like just a cheesy, comedy show.

Here are some of the episode’s highlights:

1) The Captain putting Dwight in charge of steering what he thought was one of the ship’s wheels in order to keep him out of trouble. It wasn’t until hours of proudly performing his assigned duties that Dwight was informed by Michael that it was just a prop wheel.

2)  Michael “entertaining” his co-workers by getting down on the dance floor. As you can see in the clip below, they were (as usual) less than amused.

3) Jim bringing Katy along as his date, later to watch her and Roy make an annoyingly compatible connection.

4) Roy re-proposing to Pam with an intent to finally set a wedding date. The look on Jim’s face at the news was just heartbreaking.

5) Michael’s pep talk with Jim. For once, his words of wisdom not only made sense, but they were actually something Jim took seriously and considered.

What was your favorite moment of “Booze Cruise”?


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