“Modern Family” episode review: Mistery Date

Grade: A-

“How about we head up to the bedroom for some halftime festivities?”-Phil

Although Modern Family decided to pass on a Thanksgiving show this year, the episode was certainly entertaining nonetheless.

Phil was home alone for the weekend and decided to go to the gym to play a game of racquetball. He really seemed to hit it off with his opponent, Dave (Matthew Broderick), but not in the way he expected. It turned out that the guy was Cam and Mitchell’s gay friend and had developed a crush on Phil. The irony was that Phil and Dave were clueless about the connection. Phil invited his new friend over to his house to watch the game, which appeared to Dave to have a much different intention. The fact that Phil was so oblivious to Dave’s crush was hysterical, particularly when he was sending out signals that Cam insisted Dave act upon. Cam actually had no idea that Phil was the guy Dave was with that evening. Despite the fact that he was bid adieu with a kiss, Phil was clueless about what had even happened by the time Dave left, and the awkward misunderstanding was hilarious to watch.

Phil had been left alone because Claire, Alex, Luke and Manny had traveled so Alex could compete in this year’s Academic Challenge. She had proven to be rather victorious in the past, but that wasn’t the case this time around. While Claire was busy boasting about her daughter’s success the previous year, Alex somehow managed to be eliminated from the competition on the first question. Competitive Claire had to remind her that she supported her no matter what, though it was obvious that Claire had become a little too caught up in the bragging rights to her daughter’s success when she accidently said “how could we lose this?” I thought this storyline was the perfect way to really bring out Claire’s overly competitive nature yet again while also leading to a sweet moment where she was able to share just how proud of Alex she was.

During the competition, Manny and Luke were crashing the multiple bar mitzvahs at the hotel so Manny could find the girl who smiled at him earlier in the day.  Their adventures didn’t last long though, as security eventually found the pair and told them they would have to leave. In those last minutes, Manny spotted the girl he had been looking for and decided to woo her before heading into the photo booth. His speech appeared to work because she was quick to join him. This storyline was rather brief, but was still cute for the characters.

Meanwhile, Cam and Mitchell worked to get Gloria and Jay out of the house for the afternoon so that Cam’s friend could paint a mural in the new nursery. Mitchell went with his dad to buy the baby furniture and noticed that Jay had been dying to talk about something. However, due to Jay’s tendency to avoid sharing his feelings (and mocking his son for doing so), Mitchell was hesitant to ask what was wrong. Eventually Jay opened up, and it was nice to see the two finally connect for once.

Overall, I thought this was a very amusing episode with such comical character interaction throughout all of the storylines.


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