“Suburgatory” episode review: The Wishbone

Grade: B+

“Will those little turkey hairs cook off on their own?”-George

After last season’s finale, I think we’ve all been waiting for the moment when Tessa would finally meet her mother, and a Thanksgiving episode was the perfect opportunity to make that happen.

Though a bit nervous about her dad’s reaction, Tessa informed George that she would be spending Thanksgiving in the city this year after accepting her grandmother’s invitation to celebrate with her and Alex, Tessa’s mom. Though a little hurt, George understood her desire to change plans and was supportive. Tessa was both apprehensive and excited prior to the encounter, but was certainly let down when she arrived at her grandmother’s house only to find that her mom had not shown up for dinner. I could really see how unbelievably disappointed she was, as Tessa really had high hopes for their first meeting.

The reason Alex had not arrived at the city was because she was under the impression that she would be meeting Tessa at her house in Chatswin. George’s reaction to her appeared to be sheer annoyance though I found it amusing to immediately see just how flaky Alex was. Even the other guests at the Altman house seemed curious about her. Tessa eventually came home to unexpectedly find her mother there waiting, and it was easy to infer that the special moment did not play out at all like Tessa had imagined. Though awkward at first, once the two started talking, their similar personalities allowed them to connect well. I just hope this isn’t the last we have seen of Alex!

While Tessa was in the city, Dallas suggested George cook the Thanksgiving meal for the couple and their guests: Dahlia, Noah, Mr. Wolfe, and Chef Allen. George admitted to having no idea about what he was doing and was lucky enough to have the professional chef step in for him.

In the Shay house, the family was preparing for their own dinner with the help of Lisa’s current boyfriend Malik. Lisa was not thrilled at how friendly he had become with her mom, and her disapproval turned into pure anger when Shelia accidently walked in on a naked Malik in the bathroom. In the heat of an argument, Lisa and Malik decided to end their relationship, with Lisa admitting “maybe we were the accident” after what had just happened. While I think she may have overreacted a little, I can certainly see why Lisa was so upset. I do hope, however, that this doesn’t further damage her relationship with her mom.

Overall, while this may not have been the most exciting Thanksgiving, having Tessa’s mom finally make an appearance certainly made for a satisfactory episode.


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