“The Office” Final Season Report Card

As an ‘Office’ geek I just couldn’t watch the series come to a close without rating and reviewing the final season.

Best episode:

“Finale.” The finale included just about everything that fans were asking to see and left many teary-eyed at the end. It really was a fantastic episode to wrap up the series.


“A.A.R.M.” The fans had yet another chance to see Dwight as manager, but this time with Jim as his #2. Seeing their relationship blossom from acquaintances to actual friends  was truly a great transformation. This episode also deserves a shout-out for Jim’s decision to give Pam the Christmas card from the teapot.

Worst episode:

“The Farm.” I know that Rainn and the producers put a lot of work into the pilot for his series, but I found it dreadfully boring. Even with the Todd Packer story line  back at the office, I couldn’t wait for this episode to be over.


“Customer Loyalty.” Just when I thought the drama between Jim and Pam couldn’t get any worse, enter Brian the boom guy. Jim makes his wife cry and the next thing we know, Brian steps out from behind the camera to comfort her. Um, what?


Angela. She went from being the wife of a state senator to living in Oscar’s closet with baby Phillip. (Not to mention having her cats taken away!) Angela really had hit rock bottom until she realized she had always been in love with Dwight before he proposed to her. It was so nice to finally see her compassionate side and grow as a person.


Dwight. He got the farm, the girl, and the manager position. As annoying as Dwight could be at times, I was happy to see him finally succeed at the things he worked so hard to get since season one.

Best decision:

Dwight becoming manager. We got a taste of this at the end of season seven, and I think many would agree that his promotion was unfairly cut short (for the fans anyway). I was glad to see him finally get the job back, even if it was with only 2 episodes left in the series.


Andy on the boat. No offense to Ed Helms or his character, but I was more than happy to see Andy out of the office for multiple episodes.

Worst mistake:

You don’t mess with Jim and Pam. Period. I was so excited to hear the couple would have a major arc this season, but this is not at all what I expected or wanted. The drama was not only unnecessary, but completely out of character for them.


Brian the boom guy. What purpose did this character serve anyway?


Overall grade:


No one can deny that this season had its ups and downs. At times, it even seemed so distant from “The Office” that we all came to love, and the writers took risks with story lines that led to many disgruntled fans. In the end, however, the good episodes seemed to outweigh the bad, with memorable moments to wrap up the series.


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